Marketing talents joined the start-up business, did you think about it?

The new start-up enterprise is different from the traditional private enterprise. The founding people’s college graduated or famous enterprises. The team is younger, has many ideas, has new ways of playing, and does not follow the usual path。With the addition of investment-creating capital, they not only dare to Philippines photo editor find new ways in their products, play new tricks in marketing in conjunction with the latest technology and trends, but also quickly and accurately digging talents, especially in the face of capable senior talents, always It is “reward to take people” without mercy。

Against this background, we have seen more and more traditions from large foreign companies or private enterprises Marketer. He is eager to try, intentionally jumping out of the comfort zone and joining the start-up company to show his fists。

What types of marketing positions are you recruiting for startups now?

Philippines photo editor

Claire:I have positions in all directions in the marketing field, such as the marketing person in charge and the chief marketing officer in integrating marketing; product management and new product development in product direction, market research/insight, consumer research, strategic planning; brand and public Relationships, including brand dissemination and content marketing, public relations, government relations, media operations, user management and user experience, databases and customer relations, etc.; and all channels responsible for channels, etc。What are the skill requirements for start-ups for candidates for these positions? How are the requirements different from those of foreign companies or large private companies?

How do you define this “self-driving force”?

Claire: Self-driven means entrepreneurship and ownershipIn a state where the start-up enterprise is in a state of being abandoned, the candidate must have the spirit of rolling up his sleeves and not have too strong a sense of boundaries and rules。We usually ask candidates: What is the ultimate goal of your career? Do you have entrepreneurial BJ Leads projects in past work experience? From their answers, we can roughly judge whether the candidate’s bottom logical thinking and values meet the needs of start-ups。Candidates who seek stability without impulse may not be suitable for start-ups。

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