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The world of marketing is constantly changing, especially in the modern age of social media, technology, automated advertising, and audience analytics. Brands need to stay on top of these changes to successfully reach their audiences, especially as consumers become more savvy and skeptical of advertising. Because we live and breathe marketing every day at Capybara SEO , we’ve put together a list of 12 marketing trends to watch this year. From technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence, to general strategies like influencer marketing or account-based marketing, in this article we show how you can take advantage of the latest trends. Virtual reality use virtual reality Virtual reality is increasingly becoming a marketing tool for brands big and small.

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That makes sense for the brands’ overall messaging and their target audience. The commercialization of VR is still developing, so now is a good time to explore your options and stay ahead of the curve. 2. Interactive content Many brands, especially in the Business to Business or B2B space , have relied on blog content or PDF content ( papers and Canada Phone Number List guides) to generate leads as part of their content marketing strategy . This year interactive web experiences take the lead through visitor engagement: users are expected to engage in more compelling, animated and visual ways with content posted on pages and social networks. 3. Pinterest Although Pinterest is a social media platform, it may become the next sensation.


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To engage customers and put your products, services and style in front of consumers will be a sure way to get more attention in marketing in 2018. 4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Early adopters of AI have already found that it increases user engagement. However, integrating AI with a site’s chatbot or with Facebook will require perhaps even USA Business more creativity and understanding of the brand’s target market. AI has yet to address customer needs and problems as adequately as a human agent. This trend is very useful in marketing if the AI ​​experience delights customers in a fun and light-hearted way. 5. User Generated Content Consumers will crave authenticity from brands in 2018.

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