Google Tools for Marketing Understand How the Resources of the World’s Largest Search Engine Can Help Your Routine!

Discover 7 useful (and free) tools from Google to optimize your company’s marketing routine and get incredible results. Editor Rock Content Jan 31, 19 | 5 min read combine google analytics and search console We have to admit that Google tools for marketing offer exceptional quality, often at no cost to users. In addition to the web search engine, responsible for bringing a considerable volume of traffic to websites and blogs through keywords — even more so if you have an SEO strategy —, the company offers a series of other very useful resources, especially for digital marketing professionals .

Google Search Console

For this reason, we have separated 7 of the best Google services that you need to know and learn to use. Accompany me! SEO Ebook Complete guide to USA phone number database free download reach the first position of Google! Select Select 1.Google Search Console Google Search Console brings together various tools so that we can understand how the situation of our sites or blogs is with Google. It is essential for those who develop SEO strategies because it indicates if Google is mapping their pages correctly or if there is any problem that could harm their search rankings. Additionally, in the Search Analytics feature, it offers a number of important metrics, including.

Google Trends

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Performance of specific keywords; What are the search terms that generate the most traffic; Backlinks, that is, which sites are placing links to yours; Problems BJ Leads such as errors that prevent Google from crawling your site, broken links, among others. This is valuable information that will surely help you optimize your pages and follow the evolution of your results with SEO practices. To use Google Search Console, simply sign up for free and follow the instructions to confirm that you own the website (or that you have the owner’s permission to do so). cta-free-guide-google-search-console.

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