Maslow’s Pyramid Learn About the Hierarchy of Needs and How to Apply It

Maslow’s Pyramid is a diagram. That illustrates his famous. Theory of the Hierarchy of Human Needs. One of the concepts in psychology. That has most influenced the management disciplines. In this post we will help you understand. The roots of this concept and how to work. It in different areas of administration. Marketing and sales. Editor Rock Content May 26, 19 | 8 min read Maslow’s pyramid Maslow’s Pyramid or the Theory of the Hierarchy of Human Needs is a concept of psychology that has become one of the most generalized dynamics of HR management. It is based on the principle that human needs have a hierarchical relationship capable of directing the motivation of individuals towards different types of satisfaction.

Maslow’s Theory applied to people management

Accompanying this reasoning, we can adapt the information described in the Maslow Pyramid to the professional context. In this case, we Malaysia Email Database for sale could list needs as: basis: physical rest, mental tranquility, sufficient salary, adequate hours for basic needs such as food, breaks and hygiene; second layer: local, safe and warm environment and working conditions, stability and higher salary; third layer: healthy relationships with colleagues and leaders, favorable organizational climate, mutual respect, work friendships; fourth layer.

The layers of the Maslow Pyramid

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Professional recognition, evaluation by results, power of opinion, raises, bonuses, prizes; top: participation in projects that you consider BJ Leads important, autonomy in your decisions, acting in the area you like, exercising your creativity, having more flexibility, etc. Second Layer: Security Needs With basic needs met, the individual’s motivation will focus on safety and self-preservation. In this group, there are physical protection, the search for shelter, stability, comfort, health care , among others. Third layer: social needs. At the heart of the Maslow Pyramid. Are the social needs and it is from. Here that the psychological. Needs begin to predominate.

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