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These scary CTAs and emails are being receiv by the doctors who provide vaccines to Google executives and employees, the independent distillery owners who made your hand sanitizer when Purell disappear, the local grocer or restaurateur who makes and delivers your meals while you work from home. Reciprocal respect is requir. Be an honest ally to the local businesses that have heroically serv society through COVID-19 and kept our communities suppli. Don’t target them with misinformation and cause them distress just for the sake of protecting Google’s profits. Individual and societal health are priceless. 3) Could Google draft a good neighbor policy to establish a new relationship with small.

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Local businesses Graphic with the Indonesia Phone Number List text ‘You’re invit to the neighborhood’. In his inaugural address in 1933, FDR stat: “In the field of world policy I would dicate this nation to the policy of the good neighbor .the neighbor who resolutely respects himself and, because he does so, respects the rights of others.” I’ve spent most of the last two decades of my life consulting with local business owners and becoming an advocate for the essential role they play in building diverse and sustainable communities.

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Perhaps it’s because I grew up hanging BJ Leads out in the imagin neighborhoods of Mister Rogers and Sesame Street that it seems so fundamental to me that respect for one’s self is the first step towards respecting others. Google, as a workplace, is full of good people who deserve an environment of respect that is felt by all staff, all local product users, and all communities. If you want to make localism your platform’s business, these folks deserve a good neighbor: Collage of local business owners and workers wearing masks. I can’t speak for the local business owners who have put on masks every day for the past two years to serve.

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