Do You Already Know Firebase the Mobile Application Development and Analysis Tool

To grow our applications and/or business To grow our applications and with this, our business, it gives us the possibility of: send notifications to users, with Notifications; it allows to show the applications in a quite adequate way in the search engine results , with the use of App indexing; provides the way to access the application from other links from other applications, through Dynamic Links; allow us to advertise our application using AdWords; help monetize our app through advertising, using AdMob. As we can see, there are multiple functionalities to make our business grow. Analytics or Analytics Analytics shows the results about user behavior in your IOS or Android apps.

What is Google Firebase?

Allowing you to make the best decisions about your product and optimization of your marketing strategy. They are totally free and unlimited for contact number list with name all our applications. Values ​​(in dollars) of Firebase Firebase, in principle, gives you the option to start with a free plan and then access a paid one. Cost plans are: Flame Plan , which has a fixed price for expanding applications for USD $25 per month. Blaze Plan , has a price calculator that estimates the monthly expenses of the plan. This is how Firebase adapts to the use that you are going to give it. Finished! If you’ve made it this far, congratulations!

what can we do with Firebase

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Because you already know what Firebase is, its main uses and characteristics, in addition, you know that it is a digital tool that, with its use, achieves a BJ Leads more effective and efficient development of your applications on different types of devices. And with its multiple functionalities, you can optimize your applications as you require. One other thing before we finish! If you are really passionate about these topics or are necessary for you, we want to invite you to be part of our exclusive newsletter list and receive updates and content on digital and innovation topics directly to your email.

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