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First Marianna got acquainted with the terms of European and American services (Overnight Prints, Vistaprint, PrintingForLess, Moo). It turned out that the cost of shipping to both places would be quite high, which would necessarily increase the price of the postcard and not allow staying within the budget. It was possible to cut shipping costs from supplier to warehouse by using two different services, but it was important to Marianne that all postcards were of the same quality. Therefore, only one supplier was needed. It’s time to turn to Alibaba. You may have read that this multi-billion dollar marketplace can be seen as both a blessing and a curse.

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This site is useful because it has a wide variety of low cost product options that you would like to work with. On the other hand, the site has such a huge number of available options that your eyes run wide and choosing the right one is another task! Marianne Finland Phone Number studied the experience with alibaba. com other people. It was obvious that there was only one way to know if she could find a suitable supplier or not. None of the search tools on Alibaba guarantee the quality of the end result. As it does not guarantee the reliability of the companies present in the system, you will only know about it when you start doing business with them. Marianne began the search.

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The first search queries were quite simple and consisted of words such as “postcards”, “postcard printing” and their various combinations. The system returned too many results, so the search had to be significantly narrowed down. Below is a BJ Leads summary of Alibaba’s main search filters and how Marianne used them in her search. See also: How to charge your landing page with really selling goods from China? Alibaba Search Filter Guide 1. Country / region You can choose a supplier from a range of Asian countries. Alibaba users recommend Guangdong, China’s main manufacturing region.

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