More Energy To Polish Strategy And Creativity

Why is saving time so important? Its significance is that it allows everyone on the team to devote their energy to other work.

According to interviewed media buyers and strategists, the time saved by using machine learning-based tools allows them to more easily complete other tasks, including developing client strategies, planning and testing new ads, and analyzing existing ads performance and optimization ideas, etc.

At the end of the day, the value of machine learning is that it not only helps improve ad performance, but also frees media strategists and buyers to hone their strategies and creatives.

Save more precious time

Simplifying ad management brings great value to media buyers and strategists, one of which is more time savings.

About of media buyers and strategists surveyed said that by using machine learning-based tools, automated systems have helped them save a lot of time they would otherwise spend on manual and tedious tasks. It means saving 1-4 hours per week on average.

Again, these benefits are largely Sweden Phone Numbers List driven by the autonomous and self-learning capabilities of machine learning tools. Marketing teams no  longer have to manually set up and optimize ads as they used to, saving time and effort thanks to the system’s ability to quickly and efficiently handle changing data points on its own.

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Simplify ad setup and optimization

Simplifying the management of ads is also one of the benefits of machine learning.

What work has been simplified? According to the survey, by using machine learning-based tools, media buyers and strategists have reduced the human effort involved in ad optimization/bid strategy development, budget management, and ad setup.

The simplification of the task is mainly due to the fact that machine learning and automated systems tend to work best when there is room for it, as broader advertising goals and parameter settings can lead to more options. In other words, reducing the number of ad groups and ad constraints makes more automated optimizations a reality.

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