Do SEO for Multiple Countries Global SEO Tips for Spin Off Websites

SEO by Henry Silva Do SEO for Multiple Countries: Global SEO Tips for Spin-Off Websites Do SEO for several countries Spin-Off websites are derivatives or adaptations of pages that already exist. They are generally create because you want to reach more customers or there are offices in distant countries. If you need to Spin-Off your website but are not sure how to do SEO for multiple countries , this article is for you. Do SEO for Multiple Countries . Global SEO Tips for Spin-Off Websites 1. If you want to do SEO for multiple countries, the first thing you need to do is get a country-specific domain so that the website looks like a local site. Make sure that the contact information includes the address of the office in that territory, the phone number and the email.

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Origin information, but only the country-specific address and phone number should be use in the website footer and header. 2. Preferably, the website should be in the native language of the country in which you want to position yourself. Also, readers will assume that when they call they will be speaking to someone who is fluent in their own language. 3. Google will not identify websites in other languages ​​as duplicates of France Phone Number List your own website, for this reason you will not be penalize, so that is good news. However, if your website is in English and you want to rank in other English-speaking countries, you should use the Canonical URL meta global SEO with Canonical tag many web masters You will be please to know that . Google has announce its support for the use of the “canonical” link element in different domains.


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Canonical tag was introduce by the three search engines during the SMX West Conference. This tag can be use, for example, to indicate that is the canonical version of and avoid duplicate content issues by doing so. Now if you have a legitimate reason to have similar content on separate domains, Google will recognize your use of the rel=“canonical” link element. If instead of USA Business creating new domains when doing multi-country SEO, you decide to create subdirectory domains, make sure a sitemap has been create for each subdirectory domain and submit it to Google Search Console using a different account URL. Or, for new domains, make sure to implement Google Search Console , create a sitemap and select the destination country in Google Search Console .

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