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So this is a great way for you to illustrate the value that. You’re adding to your client or to your organization. We also often ne to secure a budget. So whether that budget is for more of our time or it’s for photos or videos for Google My Business, it also lets us understand the value of various Google My Business features so we can say Google Posts is more valuable to this client than Google products, or Google products refers less traffic but at a rate that converts higher. Also, we’ll get the Google Search Console data for those UTM tagg URLs.

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So we’ll see the query data. We’ll see what queries Sweden Phone Number List are actually driving impressions and clicks on these UTM tagg URLs. Where can you tag? So let’s think about what we can tag. We hear a lot about zero-click search, but that really isn’t a new concept if you’ve been working in local search for a while, because from the business profile a potential customer can click to call a business, they can download driving directions, they can look at photos, they can read reviews, they can look at services, all without clicking through to the business website. But that said.

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We do actually have a lot of opportunities BJ Leads in GMB to link back to our website and to drive traffic to the website. So what you have in GMB will be dependent upon your primary category. But most businesses will have a website link. They might have an appointment or a menu URL. They might have Google products. They might have Google Posts. You might be using the new follower offer, which not a lot of people know about and even less people are using, and it might actually die and end up in the Google graveyard, but it only takes.

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