Personalized Three-dimensional Character

An avatar is a personaliz three-dimensional character that you have to create to access the metaverse and that is the interface through which you will interact with the rest of the people in it. The key to this process is that each of us is going to create our own avatar by designing it as close as possible to your real-world personality and appearance.

What Can Be Done In The Metaverse?

NFTs aside, these games play like any other. That is, you can wander through the different virtual worlds hanging out with the brands and celebrities that are fighting to corner the market.

There are also virtual spaces such as shopping malls, art galleries or squares where you can walk, talk to people, play games, build Sri Lanka Mobile Number List buildings or attend events. Some even organize their own music concerts.

Without a doubt, the magic is in the relationships that can be form with other users. There are many gathering spaces in the metaverse. While you can meet in huge open worlds like The Sandbox, you can also play in custom rooms on platforms like Spatial. These applications are specifically design to hold events, conferences or meetings.

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Within The Traditional Metaverses

To call them in some way, we find classic video games like Grand Theft Auto, which allows you to establish relationships with other users virtually in an open world that simulates the real one.

A game style that has become very popular in GTA is “Roleplay”. A mode where the player’s avatar has a job that exactly replicates the real world. You usually start out with a lower-profile job, such as a garbage man or a taxi driver, and depending on the money and experience gain, you can work your way up the social ladder in VR.

On the other hand, Roblox is a clear example of a traditional metaverse with features similar to blockchain metaverses. Within the blockchain metaverses there is a distinction between centralized and decentralized. The main difference between these two types is in the control of the virtual world. Those companies have full control over centraliz blockchain metaverses , such as the launch of Facebook. In them, the organization has all the data of the users, being the only one that decides on their future.

Likewise, the difference between the two is that the former integrate crypto payments and the virtual elements are in the form of NFTs. Therefore, they have a virtual economy of their own. But control of this economy is in the hands of a few organizers.

Lastly, there are the decentraliz blockchain metaverses . These have a completely autonomous virtual economy controll by users. This is the case of Decentraland, The Sandbox or Cryptovoxels. In other words, all of these metaverses will be completely controll by users in the future.

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