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We are trying to have enough conversations with customers to get feedback on how they associate meaningful product value. With BigPanda and how to translate that association into the easiest, most transparent and logical way to consume.” These conversations can be conducted in the form of customer surveys . In addition to collecting open responses (where there are more possible options. Than yes or no), you can conduct a quantitative study of the sensitivity of buyers. To price levels (Price sensitivity – “price sensitivity.

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Determine Price Sensitivity Buyer sensitivity to price level isa measure of the influence of certain price values ​​on consumer buying behavior, or in other words, it is the percentage of sales that you will lose or gain at any particular price value.” Since consumers are not able to adequately judge how much they are willing to pay, they are generally poorly aware of Singapore Phone Number why they make decisions. —there are two main ways to measure price sensitivity: 1. Price Laddering. Potential customers are  to rate their willingness to buy a product at a certain price on a scale of 1 to 10. If their response is below a 7 or 8, then the price is lower and they are  the same question again. While this method helps to determine the price point at which consumers say they are likely to make a purchase, it can also lead to errors: respondents may view the process as a negotiation (bidding) and quote less than they are willing to pay.

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Deed Measurement of price sensitivity using the Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter method. Respondents are ask to determine the price of a product. With four conclusions from each response: At what price would you consider a product so expensive. That you wouldn’t even consider buying it? (Too expensive) What price seems so low to you that BJ Leads you feel that the quality of the product cannot be very good? (Too cheap) At what price will you start to perceive the product as expensive. But not so expensive that it is out of the question, but for the final decision you need additional thought? (Expensive/Above Standard) At what price would you consider the product a bargain—the best possible investment? (Cheap / Good value) The data obtained reflects the potential values ​​of prices.

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