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Get potential subscribers excit to receive your emails and want to opt-in right away! Remember to offer value and entertainment. More importantly, once subscribers opt-in, you ne to send a welcome email right away, telling them what to expect and how often. It helps set expectations and allows you to start your relationship off right. Miriam: So, what types of emails have you document as being most welcom by customers who have definitely opt-in, and have you notic any differences in this between virtual and local business customers? Hank: For the most part, the differences are small between brick-and-mortar and e-commerce emails.

Page Titles And Meta Descriptions

They are both similar in that brands France Phone Number List are looking for conversions and the differentiation is that the conversion for brick-and-mortar can drive traffic into a physical location vs. e-commerce’s solely online purchases. The same email marketing best practices work for both entities. According to the IDC, 80% of people check their email within 15 minutes of waking up. Email is still the preferr method of communication for consumers. We buy stuff and want to know when it will ship. We want to be entertain and inspir. Marketers ne to ucate and inform their subscribers using email. Emails that have images and video tend to perform best.

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According to Forrester video content has BJ Leads a 95% retention rate versus a 10% rate with text only. Use more images and videos in your email marketing campaigns to entertain and inform. The mobile mountain and the marketers’ meh Miriam: 64% of small businesses are using email marketing, but one-in-five campaigns isn’t formatt for mobile use. This is a huge mountain of a problem! Both Moz and iContact care a lot about SMBs. What advice do you have to help them make the necessary mobile transition? Hank: Let’s face it, we live in a mobile world. More than half of email opens are on a mobile device.

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