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For companies with annual contracts, this makes sense – consumers keep. The current price for the duration of their contract, and it is renewed in accordance with the new prices. Instead of adjusting prices within a single plan, you can also give customers a choice, as Carl Poyjar writes about in SaaS Pricing Guide: When and How to Raise Prices Without Losing Customers: “They can stay on their current plan at a higher rate, or, for example, choose to upgrade to a lower option plan and keep the rate they are paying today, or if they meet their status change obligation within 30 days, they will receive 10% discounts for a better plan than they have now. Choice improves mood and puts the client in the lead.

Each Pricing Change Still

The power of choice—even between two imperfect options—cannot be underestimat. For example, food choices were essential to boosting the morale of travelers on polar expeditions.) See also: Why you need to change your pricing strategy every 6 months? 3. Get feedback with qualitative and quantitative information Once you have decided on your Sweden Phone Number strategy—what aspects you will change, to what extent, and how you will manage existing clients—you can evaluate its potential impact by checking quantitative data and making a plan with a group of client consultants. Check the numbers As Zendesk marketers have found out, knowing how changes will affect your customers isn’t easy, especially if you’re using a consumption-based pricing model.

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In  Zendesk implemented a price increase that tripled costs for some customers. But costs weren’t the only issue: the change in plan structure meant customers felt compelled to switch to yearly (rather than monthly or quarterly) plans. This suspicion exacerbated the difficulties. Commenting on the unintended consequences in an interview with BJ Leads TechCrunch, Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane offered reasons that could have been compelling as a preliminary justification for the price increase, but after the fact they looked like nothing more than justifications: “We raised prices for the first time in our history. However, we have been adding new functionality to the service on a weekly basis for the past two and a half years. And today we are launching many more features for the knowledge base and community support.

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