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Martin Splitt of Google gave us a few hints on fixing the Discovered not indexed issue. Check it out if you want to learn more. Duplicate content” This issue is extensively covered by the Moz. SEO Learning Center. I just want to point out here that duplicate content may be caused by various reasons, such as: Language variations (e.g. English language in the UK, US, or Canada). If you have several versions of the same page that are targeted at different countries. Some of these pages may end up unindexed. Duplicate content used by your competitors. This often occurs in the e-commerce industry when several websites.

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Use the same product description Guatemala Phone Number List provided by the manufacturer. Besides using relcanonical, 301 redirects, or creating unique content, I would focus on providing unique value for the users. would be an example. Instead of boring descriptions and tips on planting and watering, the website allows you to see a detailed FAQ for many products. Also, you can easily compare between similar products. Tree products compared against each other with their specifications. For many products, it provides an FAQ. Also, every customer can ask a detailed question about a plant and get the answer from the community. Customer asking a question about planting trees in a 400m line.

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How to check your website’s index coverage BJ Leads You can easily check how many pages of your website aren’t indexed by opening the Index Coverage report in Google Search Console. Index coverage report in Google Search Console. The first thing you should look at here is the number of excluded pages. Then try to find a pattern — what types of pages don’t get indexed? If you own an e-commerce store, you’ll most probably see unindexed product pages. While this should always be a warning sign, you can’t expect to have all of your product pages indexed, especially with a large website. For instance.

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