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Results of AFG’s common assault guide The piece also rank for 691 keywords, and rank at position one for “common assault charge uk”. As we add FAQ schema to the page, it also appear in the featur snippet for the key phrase, too. It receiv over half of the clicks (56%) for “common assault”. Example of the common assault guide appearing in the featur snippet The success of this piece is largely down to answering a large number of questions — 24 to be exact. As we mention, law is a complicat subject, so it’s vital that any potential clients can get their answers on AFG’s site.

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Then follow the call to actions plac throughout Saudi Arabia Phone Number List to access further assistance. Clear, natural CTAs were really important, not only to conclude the articles, but also to encourage readers to use AFG’s services. Check out the example below to see how we ti one into a commonly ask question: Example of a natural call to action at the end of a piece of content We also includ contact forms on popular and newer pieces to make the contacting process as smooth as possible. As you can see from the Thrive graph below, this has been very successful since we implement the process eight months ago.

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Example of contact forms fill in at the end of a BJ Leads piece of content One thing to note: In October 2021, AFG decid to remove and rirect all pages regarding criminal law, including the common assault guide, as the criminal department is closing for new instructions. Another topic that has been hugely successful is probate. We notic that there were a large number of searches around “probate meaning uk”, and “what does probate mean uk”, which to us, suggest there was a lack of UK resources around this topic. We then creat an in.

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