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Them bas on their content. Have they referr back to it, cit it? Have they link to these pages and these websites. That is call authority. So the two main search ranking factors are relevance and authority. Therefore, the two main types of SEO are on-page SEO, creating content, and off-site SEO, PR, link building, and authority. Because links basically are trust. Web page, links to web page, that’s kind of like a vote. That’s a vote of confidence. That’s saying that this web page is probably crible, probably important. So links are cribility.

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Good way to think about it. Quantity Peru Phone Number List matters. If a lot of pages link to your page, that adds cribility. That’s important that there’s a number of sites that link to you. Link quality Also important is the quality of those links. Links from sites that they themselves have many links to them are worth much more. So links from authoritative websites are more valuable than just any other link. It’s the quantity and the quality of links to your website or links to your page that has a lot to do with whether or not you rank when people search for a relat key phrase.

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If a page doesn’t rank, it’s got one of two BJ Leads problems almost always. It’s either not a great page on the topic, or it’s not a page on a site that is trust by the search engine because it hasn’t built up enough authority from other sites, relat sites, mia sites, other sites in the industry. The name for this stuff originally in Google was call PageRank. PageRank Capital P, capital R, one word, PageRank. Not web page, not search results page, but nam after Larry Page, the guy who kind of came up with this, one of the co-founders at Google. PageRank was the number.

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