Find Out If Your Company Is Organized To Exploit These Resources

When a resource or capability is identifi as having all 4 VRIO attributes, you must protect it using all possible means.

After all, it is the source of your sustain competitive advantage. The first thing you should do is make senior management aware of this resource and suggest how it can be used to reduce costs or differentiate products and services.

Then you should come up with ideas on how to make it more expensive to imitate. If other companies cannot imitate a resource at reasonable prices, it will remain rare for much longer.

Constantly Review The Resources And Capabilities Of Vrio

The value of resources changes over time and must be constantly review to see if they are as valuable as before.

Competitors are also interestin achieving the same competitive advantages, so they will be interest in replicating resources, which means they will no longer be rare.

New VRIO resources or capabilities are often develop within an organization, and by identifying them, you can more easily protect your sources of competitive advantage.

In this final step of VRIO analysis, you first need to determine Uganda Mobile Number List value, rarity, and imitability. If the resource has pass all three requirements, the company must organize itself. Otherwise, the benefits could disappear.

The company can take advantage of the competitive advantage. At this point, the departments within the company will be analy to ensure that it is ready to use this resource to its fullest.

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Once These Questions Are Answer And The Organization Is Establish

Google is organiz to capture value from this capability. The IT department has the skills to collect and maintain the data, while HR and team leaders are train on how to use the data to recruit, promote, manage and improve employee performance.

Having a VRIO framework allow Google to take a completely different approach to managing human capital and making decisions using massive amounts of objective data.

For example, Google’s HR team set out to identify what characteristics make a great manager. The data used to determine this includ surveys, performance reviews and nominations of great managers.

Google also conduct “blind” interviews with the highest and lowest rated managers in the company. By determining what qualifies as a great manager, Google strengthens your internal team and the foundation of your sustain competitive advantage.

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