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What is a Personal Representative .We’d mentioned this keyword in. The content but, at the time, it didn’t feel necessary to explain it in its own section within the content. It was still ranking, however, due to it being contextually relevant and briefly mentioned. After reviewing the term, understanding the search volume and relevancy to the content. We decided to add this to the guide as a standalone query. This meant that, although we were actually ranking for this term beforehand. We can now meet the search intent in more depth. Providing much more useful information for those searching for that specific keyword and capitalizing on that search volume.

With Nearby Results But Google Almost

From a technical and psychological Singapore Phone Number List perspective, we look at heat mapping through Lucky Orange, which provides real-time data across a range of months. Step 4: Implement technical SEO Tweaks that support technical SEO are perhaps some of the most important changes we made alongside content optimization to see real results. A technical SEO audit was undertaken alongside the content audits to provide direction. The site was unsecured when we first gained access, so there were a lot of fundamental updates to make. 1. Noindexing and deleting content There was a huge amount of content already existing on the site.

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Always Knows Where A Device Is

But not all of it was bringing in traffic, and BJ Leads was actually harming the site by exhausting crawl budget. AFG participates actively within the community and were writing many, many blogs, which was great for their brand and nice for their existing connections to read, but wasn’t going to bring in leads. We decided to noindex or delete a lot of these pages due to very low traffic and low rankings. This was done for close to 1,000 pages. Usually, we would redirect these URLs, but since they had no traffic we did not on this occasion. These decisions were made using the data from the.

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