Paid Advertising Trend 3 Highly Segmented Audience Targeting

Google Ads and other paid advertising platforms offer some very effective new ways to help understand your target audience and serve them tailor ads. You can quickly get detail information about these ideal customers, such as their income, age, etc.

In 2021, paid advertising marketers need to focus on the entire buying process to understand what people search for and how long it takes to complete the buying process.

Knowing your target audience and clarifying your expectations and conversion goals will help you execute a successful paid advertising campaign in 2021.

Paid Advertising Trend 4 Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding is part of an Automat Bid Strategy that uses machine learning techniques to optimize bids and optimize bids with the goal of maximizing conversions or conversion value.

For example, in Google Ads, you can set a goal and then let Smart Bidding create a complete plan that will achieve that goal within the set budget.

You can set a Smart Bidding strategy to target Finland Mobile Number List cost-per-acquisition (target CPA), target return on ad spend (target ROAS), or maximize conversion value (max Conversion Value), and Smart Bidding will use the bid strategy set Acquire more new customers.

Additionally, Google is now introducing Value Rules, which allow advertisers to determine conversion value base on device, location, and audience type.

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Paid Ad Trend 5 Paid Ad Campaigns Integrate Voice Search

According to reports, 71% of consumers prefer voice search to text search. This means that businesses that fail to integrate voice search into their paid advertising campaigns will not show up in voice search results.

To incorporate voice search into your paid advertising campaign, you need to include long-tail keywords and phrases that begin with questions like “what”, “where”, and more.

Also, you need to understand the Buyer’s Awareness Stage in order to target them with the right keywords. You also need to pay attention to the Google and Bing search engines, as they are the default search engines for most people and come with voice assistant capabilities.

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