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Focus keyword The focus keyword is: “what to write in a book for a gift. Which doesn’t sound natural at all in the context above. Thanks to a selection of cluster keywords. An internal link using relevant keywords, was easily slott into a grammatically correct sentence. Ultimately, you can fit your keywords into your content instead of writing your content around your keywords. Say goodbye to cannibalization. You could argue that you can avoid keyword cannibalization without clustering keywords, but can you. If you know which keywords you’ve us where, then you should, in theory, have no (ok, there might be a little bit) keyword cannibalization.

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You won’t fall for the mistake of assigning Cyprus Phone Number List a focus keyword to two content pieces – or more subtly – creating two content pieces for keywords that should’ve been cluster and cover within one article. By clustering keywords and analyzing SERPs, you might be surpris at what belongs within the same content piece. Let’s take these two keywords: “Rubik’s Cube method” (260 searches/month) and “How to complete a Rubik’s Cube” (590 searches/month). Without looking at the SERPs, one might be tempt to assign “Rubik’s Cube method” as a focus keyword for an article that shares different methods, whereas “‘how to complete a Rubik’s Cube” would be a step-by-step guide.

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Thankfully Google SERPs is quite clear that these BJ Leads two keywords can be us—and should be us—on the same web page to avoid cannibalization and poor performing articles because they simply don’t cover the topics in full. 5) Keyword clustering streamlines the SEO content plan and improves productivity There’s no shying away from keyword clustering. Whilst it does add a whole lot of time to the keyword research process, it saves a lot of time long-term. The more keyword research and clusters you can create early on.

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