Please Consider Carefully Before Enabling Message Boards Or Comments

Web pages full of spam won’t help your site make a good impression on users. If comments or comments are of little value to your users, or if you don’t have the time to moderate comments on a regular basis, consider turning them off.

Enable new comments and new profile moderation features

When comment moderation is enabled, each comment needs to be reviewed and approved before it can appear on your site. This means you’ll need to spend more time monitoring these reviews, but it does help improve the user experience for your website visitors. It’s also worth your time if you regularly publish controversial topics that spark heated discussions.

Requiring new users to verify the authenticity Switzerland Phone Numbers List of their email addresses when they sign up also helps prevent spam bots from automatically creating accounts. Additionally, you can set up filters to block suspicious email addresses or addresses from email services you don’t trust.

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Use anti-spam tools

Many commenting systems require users to verify that they are real people (and not nasty spamming scripts). Users typically see a distorted picture (capture recognition system) and need to enter the letters or numbers shown in the picture. Some CAPTCHA also supports audio recognition mechanisms. This is a very effective way to prevent spam.

You can easily use Akismet, the free Word press plugin, on your own website, or use Google’s free re CAPTCHA service. The data collected by this service is also used to improve text scanning technology (such as scanning text from books, newspapers or maps). Common application and programming environments such as WordPress and PHP support re CAPTCHA plugins.

You may also consider using other external tools that can help you stop comment spam. For example, your content management system may provide useful tools for you to install. Additionally, there are several free tools like Project Honeypot that can help protect your site from user-generated comment spam. To learn how to use these tools, visit the tool’s website for instructions.

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