From The Captured State To The Plurinational State

This process includ the creation of a Constitutional Court favorable to the interests of the governing coalition. The dismantling of the Special Prosecutor’s Office against Impunity of the Public Ministry. The confirmation of Consuelo Porras.  Singl out by the US State Department for repeatedly obstructing and undermining anti-corruption investigations in Guatemala to protect her political allies and obtain undue political favors – as head of the Attorney General’s Office. The dismantling of the public entities creat to follow up on the 1996 peace accords and, recently. The fraudulent imposition of a rector in the only higher public education entity in the country. The University of San Carlos. In this strategy. The extension of the illegal mandate of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Courts of Appeals. Elect in 2014 and which should have surrender their position three years ago, has play a central role.

The cooptation of the state

In the 2011 elections, retir General Otto Pérez Molina won the Presidency. The ex-military man was in charge of counterinsurgency operations in localities exposed the participation of construction companies, banks, financial entities and other UK Mobile Number List companies in what began to be characterized as illicit political and economic networks  where acts of  genocide were committ against the Ixil people in the early 1980s. Perez play a key role in achieving a constitutional solution to the crisis and came into contact with the main economic groups in the country.

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The spring of 2015 and the reformist moment

In this context, on April 16, 2015, the cicig commissioner Iván Velásquez and the head of the Public Ministry announc the existence of a customs fraud structure that was relat to high-ranking officials of the Executive Branch. The case shook public opinion. And that same day groups of demonstrators gather in a corner of the Presidential House to express their protest. On April 25. 2015. tens of thousands of Guatemalans gather in the central square to demand justice in the face of impunity and corruption.

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