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Showcasing how Alto Maipo hydropower is greatly affecting the ecosystem. That Patagonia cares about our environment. home page. In another story, Daniel taps into the mind of a beginner by teaching his daughter to surf. It’s clear that Patagonia not only cares for the environment. But also about how bonding over an outdoor activity cultivates healthy relationships. As you can see, consistently pushing out content that aligns with. Your values and brand personality builds a strong bond between your business and customers that can’t be broken. How to bring this into B2B Microsoft is both a B2B and B2C brand that offers a wide range of products.

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In an effort to share business-relat stories about Nepal Phone Number List how their products are us, they develop Microsoft Story Labs. This was a true win-win, because Microsoft now has user-generat content to share across other channels, and users become more connect to the brand by sharing their stories. 3. Wholeheartly embrace emotion Displaying strong emotions helps consumers understand they’re not alone and that they can help a cause greater than themselves, especially when they have a brand by their side. Toms is a great example of this. On their impact page.

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They outline their aim to use the BJ Leads profits from their business to contribute to the issues of food scarcity and lack of resources in minority communities. The impact landing page on Toms’ website. Overall, consumers are keen to see a strong emotional connection to greater issues that matter, and they’ll be more likely to support a brand that displays this. How to bring this into B2B Your audience is made up of individuals, so the emotional element (which is often overlook in B2B) nes to be a large component to drive the message home. In the same way that B2C does, write out their fears, joys, and anxieties and tie that into how your business could elevate or diminish those feelings.

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