Practice At The Center Of Everything

At IEBS we respond to the needs of companies that have had to live with two major economic crises and feel in their own skin the need to adapt to the times. We do this by combining traditional models with those based on social and collaborative learning, placing the student at the center and the teacher as a mentor who guides and guides the group based on their knowledge and experience.

Why Study Our Online MBA

1. More and more people are betting on training that allows them to make their schedules more flexible, with innovative methodologies and the opportunity to network from day one. You will find all this in an online MBA that will prepare you for a digitiz labor market in which we have identifi with great precision what is expect of you.

2. You will learn about areas such as Human Resources, Finance and Marketing. As well as methodologies that make use of experimentation and hypothesis validation techniques, such as Lean Startup , which will promote the creation of new products and companies that could make a big difference in your life.

3. We will teach you how to transform a traditional Senegal Mobile Number List company into a digital one, incorporating innovation, technology and automation in the value chain bas on the study of strategies and innovative business models.

4. You will integrate innovation, learning about Fintech , Growth Strategy and Open Innovation while applying technologies that are giving a lot to talk about, from Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence.

5. You will be able to master a multitude of communication and public relations techniques while we update you on social media , electronic commerce and digital marketing . Leading and motivating high-performance teams will be a piece of cake for a professional who takes the program.

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Who Is The MBA In Digital Business Design For

The MBA in Digital Business is design for professionals and freelancers who want to digitize their companies, including executives who want to lead their organizations and managers who want to refresh their training, incorporating new trends in business management.

This training is also recommend for those companies that want to acquire a competitive advantage , for young graduates who want to develop in the digital sector and for all those who want to do an MBA in Business Administration. You do not need to have a university education as such, but we do usually take into account previous professional experience.

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