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Project managers, project managers sector or company managers, IT developers, etc: creating a mind map is beneficial to the greatest number! Note that it is quite possible to create personal mind mapping by turning away from linear thinking. It can be to achieve goals, to take stock of your life, why not to solve a problem with a busy schedule, or even to have your priorities established on a personal level. MIND MAP – LIFE Use this template What uses for the mind map? As explained above, the mind map is a tool that promotes understanding, reflection, memorization, association of links and creativity.You will then see your map with new eyes, and you will certainly add, move or remove elements. Mind_map-image5 How to make a mind map Source.

Its application is therefore very wide applied to many

Its application is therefore very wide and can be applied to many fields, both educational and professional or personal. Here are some examples where the mind map can prove to be beneficial: brainstorming presentation of ideas taking notes or restructuring notes mnemonic learning aid preparation of an oral, a presentation Illustrator Art Work a speech taking notes from a book visualization of complex organization of ideas help with the summary, the synthesis, the balance sheet structuring a project review on a topic identification of keywords visualization of personal and professional networks production of organizational charts How to make a mind map. Here is the principle in 4 steps: 1. Define the purpose of your mind map. Nice Academy – Economics & Management Remember: your mind map aims to stimulate by image, attract by color, exploit the whole sheet and above all, structure your ideas.

Illustrator Art Work

Write the theme or topic in the center of a document

Write the theme or topic in the center of a document. 3. Create branches for the main ideas, in all directions. Write the keywords, add a color Bj leads forĀ  each branch, as well as drawings, symbols. Here we use radiating thought, that is to say that one idea generates another, and so on. Add sub-branches for secondary ideas. You can divide the branches into sub-branches, to detail and clarify each idea. 5. Complete with tertiary ideas related to the sub-branches. Keep splitting the sub-branches, up to 3-4 sub-branches, to keep the mindmap readable. 6. Create associations, connections. You can draw arrows to symbolize the association of ideas, or use colors or symbols. Draw or write anything that helps you understand. Important: take a break once your mind map is finished.


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