Look At The Elements Of Your Quality Score

To see specifically what could be improved, take a deep dive into the 3 elements of Quality Score:

  • Expected CTR The likelihood that your ad will be clicked when it is displayed.
  • Ad relevance: How well your ad matches the user’s search intent.
  • Landing page experience: How relevant and useful your landing page is to users who click on your ad.

These elements can help you decide whether to update your ad text, keyword selection, or landing page content. You’ll see a corresponding “below average”, “average” and “above average” status for each feature, so you can see where you might need improvement.

Improve the relevance of your ad to your keywords

If your ad relevance status is “below average” or “average,” here are some best practices to try:

  • Match ad text content more directly to user search terms.
  • Find ad groups that contain many different keywords that are difficult to cover in the same ad. Split these ad groups into ad groups that better match users’ searches.
  • Try grouping keywords by Denmark Cell Phone Number List topic to improve relevancy. You can group these topics with reference to your own products, services, or other categories. For example, if you sell rings, you might specify one set of keywords for “engagement rings” and another set of keywords for “wedding rings.

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Try To Increase Your Click-Through Rate

If the expected CTR status is “below average” or “average”, here are some best practices to try:

  • Modify your ad text to make your product or service more attractive to your target audience.
  • Make sure the details in the ad match the meaning of the keyword.
  • Highlight unique benefits of your product or service, such as free shipping.
  • Try using a different call to action closely related to your landing page.
  • Create a compelling call-to-action using words like buy, sell, order, browse, find, sign up, try, get a quote.
  • Create more specific ad text.

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