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For some this will seem like noise, but in fact, the balance here is creat due to the lack of a clear focus. Mosaic logo from Windows Mosaic logo from Windows An example of a mosaic balance on a landing page An example of a mosaic balance on a landing page Each element has a common accent, with no single element dominating the composition. Read also: Everything you need to know about the principles and types of design Different types of symmetry and asymmetry Balance is the key to great design, and symmetry is one of the tools to achieve balance. Let’s briefly talk about the four types of symmetry.

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Mirror symmetry Imagine that you took an apple and cut it in half. Both sides are mirror images of each other about the center line, and this is mirror (two-sided) symmetry. The method is  vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Mirror symmetry can be Bahrain Phone Number perfect symmetry, in which case both sides of the image will be identical. In nature, however, nothing is perfectly symmetrical, so there are often subtle differences on each side, just like the two halves of a human face. Translational symmetry When visual elements are repeat in space, we are dealing with translational symmetry (transfer symmetry). The repetition of forms can occur over any length and in any direction.

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Translational symmetry Rotational symmetry Imagine the wheels of a car moving, or the blades of a windmill spinning, and you get rotational symmetry. This method, also known as radial symmetry, rotates visual elements around a center at any angle. This type of symmetry is ideal for conveying a sense of movement, dynamic action, or speed. Rotational BJ Leads symmetry Sliding mirror symmetry We have all seen footsteps in the sand or snow. In essence, each footprint is a reflection of the footprint of the opposite foot, but due to movement, the images of the footprints are not align with each other. Sliding mirror symmetry is a play on regular mirror symmetry, but it involves changing the position of each mirror image.

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