Regarding performance and workplace advancement, the school will not teach you the six secrets

One step closer, even teaching you how to perform the best after finding a job. And How to implement career development planning step by step Suggestions。So, how to ensure the best performance in every new job? How to prove your Image Manipulation Service value in the business maintenance and recovery phases? What are the key practical career development skills?

The six guiding principles shared here all about the experience of professional professionals in the workplace, which cannot learned in school。

Quickly build a personal brand

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We often hear the words: being yourself, truth is the most important。This is Personal brand The entry point includes your core values, advantages and work motivation。You can build a personal brand by:

  • Cultivate a comprehensive career development path with multiple experiences
  • Use social media to publish information, content and other materials to become thought leaders
  • Set up blogs or podcasts to share professional information about the industry or occupation
  • Join the panel discussion group of events and meetings, and actively express opinions
  • Talk about your work achievements and the landmark achievements achieved。

Self-marketing in the workplace

Be proactive, don’t wait for the opportunity to come home. But bravely state your job ambitions。As Ng said: “Show the heart of the attempt。If you want to be a personnel manager, express your enthusiasm for leading the team。Find a way to gain the experience required. For senior positions and prepare for promotion。Find a mentor in BJ Leads the company, participate in company. Activities (such as corporate social responsibility groups or group building activities) and assume leadership roles. These are opportunities to practice and demonstrate leadership skills。

Being brave to express is crucial。It’s simple. If you don’t speak, no one will know that you want this job。At the most recent Michael Page webinar, Sara Cheng, general manager of Twitter’s Central Chinese District Director, said: “Our career is in our hands。When planning the next step, three steps can be taken: 1.Ready。2.Set goals。3.Make a request。

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