What to Do When Your Website Has Skipped Results in Google

There are other reasons for GoogleBot sanctions like: Unrelated URL – Occurs when a URL does not match the SEO title. PBN’s: private blog networks created for the sole purpose of sharing links and passing authority to another site. Cloaking: camouflage through the delivery of the IP, which makes the content appear one way in the search engine and another way on the page. Keyword stuffing: In order to outsmart Google, some administrators “spam” the keyword. High density has the opposite effect. There are more fines and practices that result in less drastic effects.

Why do website pages disappear from Google?

The main one is the loss of positions in the ranking. But, even after following all the guidelines and acting according to “Google Law”, there is German phonenumbers still another big issue that makes pages disappear: competition between keywords from the same domain.  Let’s talk a bit about this below. Skipped results on pages already positioned in Google In search of better results for their websites, many administrators end up overdoing their efforts to rank in search engines. In this case, Google may skip some results based on having multiple pages talking about the same topic.

Skipped results on pages already positioned in Google

German phonenumbers

Suppose a gardening blog creates two different texts for the keyword Winter Garden: Winter Garden: How to make one in your living room? How BJ Leads to make a winter garden to impress visitors? Note that, even if the two texts are of quality, Google will probably not position them in the 1st and 2nd position. Instead , it will ignore one or more related to the keyword and show different results from other domains on the other links. When that happens, the mechanism may display a clickable link with the words “show more results from [domain]”. Competition between search terms on the same website has a name: keyword cannibalism.

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