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Others at great personal risk, but I would like to start. On open list today of suggestions for how Google, with its central role in the online local world. Could become a better neighbor in serving the offline, real world we all share. Reconsider excluding single location business owners from the dashboard. Everyone deserves an equal workspace. Return website links to all local packs. Do not use fear to protect your profits; stress causes damage to human health. Do provide accessible support for all Google local products. Via a full staff of remote workers who have been deeply train in all. The things that can go wrong with Google Business Profiles and how to fix them. Create a dicat.

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Remote listing spam removal team to the scale Iran Phone Number List of the problem and demote easily-manipulat ranking factors like business title stuffing. Create a dicat, remote review miation staff to the scale of the problem to promptly investigate. And resolve business owner reports of review spam attacks. Launch an investigation into the pattern of low quality Q&A answers and reviews that has arisen from the decision to incentivize Local Guides; if business owners aren’t suppos to offer perks in exchange for this type of UGC, Google really shouldn’t either.

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Multi-unit Physical Business Locations

Don’t use your power to favor Google products BJ Leads and partners over small business solutions. Do use your power to lead on Climate Action to protect local business districts from wildfires, floods, and other increasing disasters. Put EthicalGooglers and other human rights and DEI groups within Google at the center of company policy-making to reflect a real-world diversity of people, values, and nes. I’d like to ask the Moz community to be a good neighbor by adding their sincere suggestions for positive change you believe Google can contribute to. Tell me what you’d add to my list by tweeting me. In his article entitl How.

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