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Stats Small Business Saturday 2021 saw record-high $23. Billion spending in the US, with 70% of survey respondents saying. American Express’ campaign inspires them to encourage their connections to shop small and independent. There were 32.5 million independently-owned businesses in. The US in 2021 with fewer than 500 employees and employing 46.8% of the private workforce. 81% of these firms are so small that they have no employees. There are more than 6 million single-unit physical business locations and 1.8 million multi-unit physical business locations in the US. 69% of people say at least half of their searches have a local intent and 37% say more than two-thirds of their searches are local.

Stats Small Business Saturday Saw

Available near me searches increased Ivory Coast Phone Number List by 100% globally in 2020. 33% of searches result in a Google local pack being returned, based on a MozCast study of 10,000 keywords. 88% of people say it’s important to be able to trust companies with which they transact and 67% trust businesses with physical locations more than virtual businesses. 80% of Americans feel large corporations have too much influence on the economy. 72% of Nextdoor users say they will patronize local businesses more if the pandemic ever ends. The story Small local business is huge, people want to support it (citing access to unique products an to the.

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Record-high Billion Spending In The Us

Keeping money in their own communities BJ Leads as major motivators), and Google sees search through a local lens because they know the location of most searchers. It’s hard to overstate just how prominent the local-digital connection has become in people’s lives and it’s smart to define a narrative that aligns with local community goals, given stated mistrust of large corporations and preference for SMBs . Data says these local search marketing tactics are winners Minnesota State Fare honey prize winners The stats Throw the kitchen sink at your Google Business Profile. Businesses that make it into local packs enjoy a 100%+ increase in clicks an.

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