Understand What Schema Markup is and How to Use It to Boost Your Seo Efforts

Preparing pages to stand out in Google results requires constant work. Schema Markup offers this possibility, enriching basic information and generating HTML codes automatically. Editor Rock Content May 26, 19 | 7 min read what is xml With so much website competition, ranking a page or content requires a lot of dedication to SEO optimization . Only that guarantees the first page of Google and, mainly, the first results. In this mission, the Schema Markup has become a great ally to give it that highlight. Once used by a page, that code improves communication with search engines, resulting in more visibility for content.

The impact on the results

As you can see, for those who work with content marketing , it is essential to know what Schema Markup is. Follow us to understand how to use it and real estate broker email list the benefits it can bring you! What is Schema Markup? It is nothing new that the Google algorithm communicates and recognizes optimized websites better. There is a wide variety of SEO resources to improve ranking and visibility, many of them are detail-driven. The Schema Markup is part of that reality, having great importance.

How to use that code?

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The simple Schema Markup code performs quite effectively when added to the HTML code of websites. It automatically generates an enhanced description of BJ Leads what’s on the page. This function is what has an immediate impact on the relationship with the algorithms and favors positioning. Also, through that microdata code, websites make an effort for Google to understand what they contain. This improvement in the description generates a better relation with the algorithm and places the contents in the first pages . How to use that code?

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