What Is Baidu Promotion

As the world’s largest Chinese search engine , Baidu has brought too much convenience. If you don’t understand it? Then Baidu. But Baidu can not only search for knowledge, but also advertisements, which can be promoted for various industries. So what is Baidu search promotion ? In fact, Baidu promotion is a marketing method based on Baidu search engine, displaying enterprise promotion information in a prominent position of Baidu search results , and helping enterprises to effectively convert screen names into customers .

The conversion process of search promotion effect : an intuitive reflection of the order generation process (in search promotion, the main promotion goal of advertisers is: to obtain more brand exposure & lead conversion.

Beat Your Opponents In Terms Of High Conversion And Increase Conversions.

Search promotion process: from three directions to help advertisers achieve their promotion goals

In Baidu promotion, PPC is needed, but what is Baidu Bid ? What effect does it have? How to implement it? In fact, Baidu’s PPC uses the Phoenix Nest Bidding Toolbox. If you Nigeria Mobile Number List are suppressed by your opponents for a long time, you can partially break through your opponents! When your brand is on a big promotion, it can help you expand traffic in the short term! Beat your opponents in terms of high conversion and increase conversions.

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Advertisers Don’t Know How To Bid?

Product introduction: Ranking wins can help you outperform designated websites with less cost Instructions: Entrance: Search Promotion – Keywords – Bidding Strategy A: Choose keywords: What traffic do I want to beat the benchmark website on? B: Set the opponent: only to win a specific business (exact match URL)? Or only to win all the URLs under the main domain? Set a bid cap: what is the most I am willing to pay to win? Product advantages: Cost Guarantee: If the opponent cannot be exceeded, the original bid is still used, and the cost is guaranteed.Style Compatibility: Compatible with all online styles, ranking and style double harvest Detailed data: Provide time-sharing winning data with keyword granularity, know yourself and your enemy.


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