Sean Ellis Meet the Father of Growth Hacking

Do you want to understand who is the father of Growth Hacking? Follow our content and discover everything about Sean Ellis and his main Growth tips! Editor Rock Content Jan 21, 19 | 6 min read Sean Ellis coined the term ” growth hacking ” in 2010, when he worked to optimize the growth of several companies, including Dropbox, Eventbrite, LogMeIn, and Lookout, each of which, by the way, is worth billions of dollars today.  In addition, world renowned publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Fast Company, and others are always reproducing Sean’s ideas.

Sean Ellis career

Additionally, Sean Ellis is founder and CEO of – the world’s largest content portal on Growth Hacking. In this text we are Nigeria cell phone numbers going to highlight some of his main teachings. Accompany me! Sean Ellis career Sean Ellis is not just a marketing professional. The truth is that he built a career in a very different context than that. He is the world’s first growth hacker . Sean went on to sell advertising, but eventually found his purpose when a friend built an internet company.

Lessons from the father of Growth Hacking

Nigeria cell phone numbers

Despite not knowing much about that universe at the time, he recognized the opportunities and potential of digital marketing . He went on BJ Leads to say that he liked the idea of ​​targeting certain ads to specific people. Instead of focusing his efforts solely on marketing, however, Sean began experimenting with a method he called “growth hacking,” which would revolutionize the way startups viewed marketing. He has proven his techniques over the years and has been essential to countless companies that wanted to grow as fast as possible.

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