Search Console New Page Experience Report

To provide you with even more useful insights, Google has launched the Web Experience report. The report combines the existing Core Web Metrics report with other components of web experience measures such as HTTPS security, lack of intrusive interstitial ads, Safe Browsing status, and mobile suitability.

The Page Experience report provides important metrics, such as the percentage of URLs with a good page experience and search impressions over time, so you can quickly assess performance. You can also drill down into the components of web experience measurement to gain more insights into opportunities for improvement.

Signed Exchange Support For Everything Displayed In Google

Google also announced that all web pages displayed in Google Search support Signed Exchange (SXG). Previously, Google Search only supported SXGs built with the AMP framework.

SXG enables Google Search to take advantage of privacy-preserving prefetching technology in compatible browsers to improve the web Hong Kong Phone Numbers List  experience. With this technique, Google Search is able to load the key resources of the web page (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) before navigating, so that the browser can display the web page more quickly.

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Work Together To Build A Better Network

Google’s vision for the web experience is to work together to create a web ecosystem that users love. Ranking rule changes will begin rolling out in mid-June 2021, and Google has been working hard to ensure you have access to the right tools and resources before then.

Hopefully, the updates from Google will make it easier for you to build a great website and achieve good organic rankings. In the next time, SEO optimizers will try their best to follow the rules of “web page experience” and take related measures such as structure optimization and speed optimization.

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