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Think about stories you read as a child and weave that into a “story-telling” animat video (or blog) series . But instead of the original characters, use your company characters (you being the trusty friend, your customer being the hero). Using storytelling gives a unique and exciting ge to your brand messaging. As it helps people relate and engage with your content. So consider how you can use everyday stories we tell our kids in a new product or service you’re launching. Shows a less “salesy” side of your business Instead shoving “buy now or purchase here.

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CTAs down your customers’ throats, focus on Malta Phone Number List copy that makes them laugh, piques their curiosity, and makes them feel in control. Take Barkbox, for instance: they do a really great job of using humor. In this tweet, you can see how their CTA totally makes their audience feel in control. Tweet from BarkBox. How to bring this into B2B How can you be a bit more witty in your B2B copy? Look into what’s trending on social mia, so that you can play into the bigger story of what’s happening in people’s daily lives and be more relatable. For example, Dave Harland is a well-known B2B copywriter in the.

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UK and is popular for his witty and BJ Leads sarcastic LinkIn posts that reflect his copywriting style and skills. LinkIn post from Dave Harland. Core marketing storytelling techniques B2B can learn from B2C As I mention earlier, it can often be challenging for B2B businesses to incorporate storytelling into their messaging because they’re not always talking to the decision maker, unlike B2C consumers. However, it is possible, and I’m going to show you exactly how you can break it down to build it back up— with a story. 1. Build up a brand with personality Just like you have a playful, serious humorous or.

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