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Has grown from billion in 2008 to over billion in 2020. What do these figures show? It’s simple. The SaaS industry landscape is becoming more competitive by the day. To stay on top of your game as a SaaS business, you must identify the companies you’re competing with from an SEO standpoint. That way, you’ll know the content strategies to focus on, the keywords to target. And the type of backlinks to acquire. In this post, you’ll learn three effective ways to do this quickly. Why care about your SEO competitors as a SaaS brand.

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If you don’t know your SEO Kazakhstan Phone Number List competitors, you’re leaving so much on the table, while they occupy the top spots on the SERPs. 1. You can identify the top keywords they’re targeting and how they’re acquiring backlinks to help your own strategies. By identifying the companies competing against your SaaS brand, you’ll know the top keywords they’re targeting. That way, you can focus on those keywords that can generate qualified traffic and drive user signups for your SaaS. This streamlines your keyword research process. Knowing your top SEO competitors is also a great way to perform a link gap analysis. That way, you can know the type of backlinks they’re acquiring and where they’re getting them from.

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This helps you to identify relevant websites that BJ Leads are more likely to link to you. 2. You can figure out the competitive edge you have over them If you don’t know who your top competitors are, you won’t be able to find the SEO opportunities to focus on to drive growth for your business. Take, for instance, if they focus more on high-volume, top-of-the-funnel keywords. If you then go after middle- and bottom-funnel keywords, it could give you a competitive edge. 3. You can understand their biggest drivers of growth and conversion. Most SaaS companies optimize their blog posts, landing pages, and product pages for conversions.

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