Are you suitable for being flexible? See if there are these five characteristics

Page Personnel Australian recruitment manager Liam Gates said that this one of the significant advantages of flexible employment。You can continue to take over different projects, develop various skills, and harvest Photo Retouching Service mouthpieces and work experience in multiple fields。Compared with fixed personnel, flexible talents do not to wait for a long notice period, and often take up faster and get started faster, which can immediately relieve the pressure of the employer。”

He said that more and more job seekers now prefer “temporary tasks” rather than long-term appointments。Houlston added that her client group often employs flexible talents who have proven their abilities to other clients: “Loyalty and referrals can indeed help you go further。”

You just moved

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Budhrani revealed that a large proportion of flexible talents working with her foreigners。She said, “We have many such job seekers who want to integrate into Singapore。During this period, they engaged in flexible work, after all, the flexible work market one of our largest markets。”This also applies to the partners of foreigners. It is not uncommon for family permit holders to work flexibly. Most of them are qualified professionals。

You have just laid off

Layoffs are usually the last means for organizations to cut costs, but from the perspective of layoffs, layoffs are never timely。 Even if you are suitable for flexible work, is it the right time? The world still plagued by the new championship BJ Leads epidemic, and revitalizing the economy become a top priority。So, is it suitable for flexible work during the epidemic?

Houlston shared: “If you have just laid off, but as a professional, you have the skills to quickly apply to new jobs, then flexible work a good choice for you。The recruitment process usually short, so that you can start working quickly。In addition, flexible employment positions usually settle their salaries on a weekly basis。Leaving a long-term fixed position and investing in flexible employment means that you will have the opportunity to try different industries, learn new skills, and broaden your connections。”

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