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SEO by Henry Silva 5 SEO trends that will star in 2019 SEO Trends 2019 Google is investing a lot to remain the best search engine and all the companies that offer SEO services are trying to adapt to the changes that follow. This is how SEO trends are born . At Capybara SEO we present the trends that will make a difference in . SEO Trends 2019: Mobile First Indexing SEO trends first mobile indexing Simply put, mobile indexing means that Google uses the mobile version of your page to index and rank. Since March 2018, Google has started the process of migrating sites to Mobile First. Search Console may have already notified you of this. Please note that the “Mobile First” indicator does not mean “mobile only”.

However all the hype about “Mobile First”

Means that Google will use the mobile versions to rank once the site has migrated. It is understood, right? Since the mobile version is the main one for the ranking, there is no excuse to put off the process with the ease of use of mobile. 2. Web page loading speed Web page loading speed Google is crazy about delivering a better user experience or UX and China Phone Number List wants to do it fast. The load time of web pages on desktop computers has been a ranking factor for a while. In July, the twin indicator was born: the loading speed index on mobile devices and has become a ranking factor. This crucial change requires understanding what metrics are important to Google in terms of evaluating loading speed for web pages. Historically, when analyzing the index in PageSpeed ​​Insights, any website was evaluated only on the basis of technical parameters.

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Now for both desktop and mobile

Loading speed is ranked according to two different metrics: Optimization and a new Speed. The game-changing part here is how the speed score is generate. The metric data is taken from the Chrome User Experience report , the performance database of real users. It reflects how the website loads for each visitor. Obviously, it is difficult to measure how USA Business quickly each visitor’s device loads the page. As a result, the metric is impossible to obtain through local testing. As for the optimization score, you can fully control it by fixing all the problems that prevent your site from loading quickly. So, what is the metric that most influences rankings? According to the SEO PowerSuite mobile page speed experiment, the correlation between the page optimization score and its position in the search results pages or SERP is strong .

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