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See also Give product development only half the time, or the 50% Rule. Delivery of goods from China to Russia As for the delivery of goods from China to Russia. It must be said that there is no shortage of carrier companies. As soon as you enter the query “delivery from China to Russia” into Yandex. The services of dozens of companies will immediately be presented to your attention. The most popular offer several delivery options. Which differ both in cost and in time: they promise to deliver it by plane in 5-7 days (from Beijing to Moscow), and a kilogram of cargo will cost you $4.2, but if you agree.

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To wait a little longer more than a week then the price per kilogram can be  by train, your order can reach you from 16 to 35 days, and it will cost you a dollar per kilogram of weight; if you order delivery by sea, then get ready to be patient: the order may arrive Honduras Phone Number in a couple of months, although the delivery will cost only $0.5 per kilogram, so if you want to save money, then this is your option; if there is no time to wait, then look for the express delivery option: pay more (up to $13), but the goods will arrive in 3-4 days. I must say that delivery by road occupies an intermediate position between air transportation and transportation by rail: from $1.5 to $3.2. duration – from 15 to 30 days. At the same time, you can always order delivery as part of a groupage cargo.

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It is longer, but cheaper, and suitable for non-standard-sized cargo. Pay attention to how many and in what cities the logistics company has warehouses, whether it has its own transport: this will also affect the cost, duration and quality of delivery. It is also worth giving preference to companies that prepare a complete package of all accompanying BJ Leads documents: this will help your cargo pass the customs check. In general, the cost of each cargo is calculat separately, so the above information is for guidance only. You can independently study the tariffs and services offered. From the websites of the largest logistics companies in Russia – allchinacargo. ru, asia-import. ru, knrimport. ru. See also: Deliver throughout Russia: how to rebuild logistics for a regional online store? Conclusion Of course, the story of Marianne does not end there.

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