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The Several-Market store already mentioned above is a separate site, different in design from the main one, designed for maximum simplicity and convenience of ordering: The main site of PJSC Several The main site of PJSC Several Online store “Several-Market” Online store “Several-Market” Communications provider MTS has developed a separate website for its cloud business solution: Main site with sections for private clients and for business Main site with sections for private clients and for business Separate website for the new Cloud MTS B2B product Separate website for the new Cloud MTS B2B product.

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For brands that do not have the budget to develop specialized portals, landing pages can serve as a temporary measure. At the very least, the landing page will allow you to tailor your message to B2B buyers. Landing pages for B2B products are similar to South Africa Phone Number business-to-customer landing pages. But they also have unique requirements: Complex concepts should be presented simply. Your products or services may solve complex problems, but explain their value in simple terms. If you can’t achieve this with text alone, use images and videos. Potential customers need to be guided through all stages of their journey.

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Most likely, the B2B landing page that hypothetical buyers went to by clicking on paid ads will not be a guaranteed place to make a purchase, but it will serve as an entry point – a page that matches the user’s request, but also provides opportunities to consume additional content elsewhere (that is, is leading to the sale not directly). Read also: Effective B2B BJ Leads Landing in 3 Steps How to measure the success of implemented changes in the pre-sale period A long sales cycle means that B2B eCommerce sites will sometimes receive form fills or phone calls long before they actually sell . Therefore, you will need to find other ways to measure the effectiveness of your pre-purchase marketing efforts on your site. Potential indicators at this stage can be divided into several categories Awareness.

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