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The target audience of the project is startups and entrepreneurs. The greatest demand is for posters, stickers, mugs – universal office gifts and other motivational trinkets. Startup Vitamins is the business predecessor of Prankful and one of the reasons why Marianne is still doing it all. Part of the range is developed by Prankful, part is by a third-party company. Things like posters, t-shirts, caps are the work of Prankful, but things like stickers, pencils, notepads and the like are outsourced and run by the Warehousing & Fulfillment service. One day, Marianne had the idea to document the process of adding a new product to Startup Vitamins: one that would be bought from a third party but sold and delivered – Warehousing & Fulfillment.

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This material will be devot to describing her journey from the birth of an idea to its implementation in a specific product through drop shipping. The content of the article How to decide what to sell How to Find a Drop shipping Supplier Alibaba Search Filter Guide 1. Country/Region 2. Supplier Type 3. Length of Business 4. Quality Certification 5. Minimum Cambodia Phone Number Order Size 6. Company Type 7. Export Countries 8. Payment Methods 9. Unit Price Doing business with a supplier Product Development Shipping & Customs Give Product Development Only Half Time, or The 50% Rule Delivery of goods from China to Russia How to decide what to sell Startup Vitamins specializes in the sale of office motivational products, so Marianne knew in which direction she had to go.

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She also knew it had to be a product with one of the company’s newest and most eye-catching designs. If you already have a store, you don’t have to develop a new design when you launch your next product. Another great way to sell products using the drop shipping method is a landing page, or landing page . Marianna began to think hard about what the BJ Leads target audience of Startup Vitamins might find useful today, what she considers trending. Meanwhile, this product also had to fit the Startup Vitamins profile. In the process, she ruled out a dozen options that might have worked 5-10 years ago, but not today: mouse pads with a custom image (today people prefer touch pads); USB drives (most store their files in the “cloud”); pens (you’d be surpris how rarely people use pens today.

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