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These developments will change how we manage our SEO now and in the future. Multimedia first Why should you consider a multimedia-first SEO strategy. MUM is the latest in Google’s suite of super-powerful algorithms, which help them to understand information in new and different ways. It runs alongside BERT, but it’s actually much more powerful than BERT. MUM stands for “multitask unified model”, and not only does it process natural language. But it does so in over 75 languages — and counting. It’s also able to process text and images with a similar quality. Ad is increasing its ability to process video and audio in the near future.

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This means we’re likely to see United Arab Venezuela Phone Number List the impact of this in the SERPs, specifically what they look like, which is also likely to shape some of the targeted algorithm updates in the future. This shift in focus is a natural evolution of a mobile-first digital experience that allows users to engage with content dynamically using a mix of inputs, outputs, and tools, often simultaneously. Google’s push towards better understanding — and towards ranking media like image and video — will require SEOs to look at multimedia content with fresh eyes. Which short-term multimedia optimizations should you prioritize in 2022.

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Visual recognition for Google Lens BJ Leads Google has invested significantly in image recognition solutions for almost 10 years, but they have recently picked up the pace and scale of its integration into everyday search. Google search bar As a result, improvements to and new uses for Google Lens have been front and center at flagship events like Google I/O and SearchOn during the last 12 months, while their future plans to move into health depend significantly on honing their visual search abilities. In 2021, they added Google Lens directly into the search widget for Pixel, Android phones, and onto Chrome’s mobile search bar. Last year’s Google Lens updates.

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