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In this case change your marketing objective to “Traffic”. Second, improve the image and text of your ad. Sometimes the problem is that the ad is too general and doesn’t “communicate” with the audience. Solution: Reach out to your audience. For example, if your target audience is business women, use an image of a woman in your ad and a headline that appeals to this audience: The perfect mug for women with a flair for business Ready to ship: Mega Motivational Mug The perfect mug for the woman with a big bang Ready to ship: Mega Motivational Mug Also Read.

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Ways to Create High-Converting Custom Audiences on Facebook Warning sign People click on your ad and leave Sometimes Facebook may think that you have good ads when in fact you don’t. Facebook analyzes all interactions people have with ads on its Bolivia Phone Number platform. However, it cannot judge the relevance of an ad after a person has moved from their newsfeed to your landing page or website. So how do you know if your ads are really ineffective, even if the Facebook stats say otherwise? Two words: Google Analytics . This free tool tracks website traffic: where people go to your web page and what they do on it.

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This way Google Analytics will clearly show you what the people who clicked on your ad are doing on your site. The metrics by which you can quickly evaluate the effectiveness of advertising are the bounce rate (Bounce Rate) and the average session BJ Leads duration (Avg. Session Duration), where: The bounce rate shows what percentage of visitors leave your site after viewing just one page. Average Session Duration measures the average amount of time people spend on your site. To view data for a specific ad campaign, go to your Google Analytics account, click Traffic Sources, and then under Campaigns, select All Campaigns. And find the Facebook campaign you want to test.

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