Spam Words Why Avoid Them in Your Campaign Emails So That They Are Not Confused With Spam

Email marketing strategies are a fundamental part of any digital marketing campaign. Through emails, you can build trust and get closer to customers, as well as keep them informed. But you have to be careful, as some practices can trigger spam filters. Therefore, to take care of the authority of your company and ensure the deliverability of your emails, thus guaranteeing that the recipients access the content and offers sent, you have to avoid the use of spam words , or spam words. How to prevent spam words from harming your newsletter As we have said, using certain words or terms can be harmful to your email marketing campaign .

Words that seek to create a sense of urgency

Let’s look at some examples: Words that involve excessive personalization Generating a bond with the user does not mean treating him with too phone number subscription lists much trust, as if you were an old friend. Words that seek to create a sense of urgency Words that create a sense of urgency harm the relationship with the consumer. If he needs your service and decides to buy, he will do it at his time. If you try to rush him you can cause a bad mood and lose credibility. Some customers may even run away from your database.

Words that indicate free or discounts

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For this reason, don’t use expressions like ” Do it now “, ” Urgent “, ” Limited time “, or ” What are you waiting for? “. Words that indicate free or discounts BJ Leads Scammers have been trying to lure consumers with free offers and discounts for some time. So, when receiving an email with words like ” Best Price “, ” Free access ” or ” Special promotion “, the user will surely delete the email and possibly block the sender address that is, in case your email is not before caught by the anti-spam filter.

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