Strategies And Tactics In Digital Marketing

For me there are three key activities in digital marketing : The first thing is to attract qualified traffic to the web, which is done by the traffic manager or digital trafficker . The second thing is to convert that traffic into actions that are normally worked on by the trafficker, also with knowledge of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) , although in large teams it is in the hands of the UX Product Design team . And finally, there is the function of the digital analyst or web analyst, which measures and identifies where the opportunities are and where the problems are. This circle of work is essential in digital marketing but, in addition, there are many other disciplines in which we work to generate digital marketing strategies and tactics.

Digital Marketing Tools

There are countless digital marketing tools on the market. Some paid but many of them totally or partially free with which we can achieve the best results. We are not going to see all of them, much less, but we are going to share the ones you are going to need

  • Web Analytics Tools : Without a doubt, the best example is Google Analytics , which is also free.
  • Digital Advertising Tools: Today any individual or SME has access to true work suites that allow sophisticated advertising and 360 digital marketing strategies. The most important are Google Ads and Facebook Ads .
  • Design and prototyping tools: Design tools like Canva are Ghana Mobile Number List essential, and prototyping and designing websites and apps with tools like Balsamiq is much easier.
  • Marketing intelligence tools: Also in this case , Google Data Studio offers a very complete and easy solution to connect with Google Analytics. In addition, Power BI or Tableau offer more complete solutions for more complex analyzes.

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Latest Trends In Digital Marketing

We are sure that we are facing an exciting new year for digital marketing. The consolidation of Martech , Adtech and Madtech, in the world of cookieless measurement, the appearance of the metaverse, NFTs, voice commerce or live ecommerce are just a preview of what is to come and that you can expand on in our blog post. Digital Marketing Trends .

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