Strategies for Improving User Value of Retail Enterprises

The key for retail enterprises to enhance user value is to realize the upgrade of enterprise digital intelligence, which mainly includes five aspects: strategic upgrade, business innovation, deepen user insight, efficient user operation, and technical support. The ability and direction to focus on, explore and build in the process of intelligent upgrading.

Strategic Transformation

In the practice of digital-intelligence upgrading, enterprises should never transform for the sake of transformation. Cognitive changes and target iterations at the strategic thinking level are need to support the real implementation of digital-intelligence of enterprises. According to the survey data of the Global Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University Indian Phone Number List improving sales rate and profit rate is the common goal of all enterprises to carry out digital and intelligent transformation practices in marketing. For retail enterprises. The increase in sales rate and profit rate is greatly improv.

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Business Innovation

Retail companies can increase their capabilities in user operations by continuously deploying more digital and intelligent innovative businesses. Generally speaking. The marketing links of retail enterprises can be mainly divid into several major scenarios. Such as data insight. Creative content. Media channels. Service experience and customiz production. Various innovative businesses empower different scenarios and help companies achieve user value enhancement. For example, the creative automation business can help retail enterprises to more efficiently produce and match creative content with thousands of people. Improve the efficiency of content production and the personaliz appeal to users. Another example is the marketing automation business. Which can help retail companies to communicate and reach users more intelligently and personaliz.

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