Live broadcast or streaming to improve SEO main factors

Marketing Digital SEO august by Henry Silva Live broadcast or streaming to improve SEO: main factors Conquer search engines with Streaming and SEO Using streaming or live transmission works very well as part of digital marketing strategies, it also contributes to SEO , why? Because live video is the type of content that social networks and search engines love. They provide users with the latest information and the high engagement rate keeps people on the website for longer, which means more ad views and more ad revenue. One of the reasons live streams work so well on . Facebook is because the site updated its algorithm in 2016 to give preference to live videos in search results .

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engine by query volume just behind Google, promotes live videos by placing them at the top of search results while the video is streaming. If you are new to working with streaming , there are many platforms available. If you are looking for the maximum SEO impact , at the Capybara SEO organic positioning agency we recommend you work with Facebook Indonesia Phone Number List and YouTube because they are actors that participate in the generation of clients through the Internet, you just have to apply a few strategies: Video streaming and SEO Keywords First of all, when you set up your video stream, make sure to include keywords in your title and description. (You can use Google Trends to perform keyword searches on YouTube.

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So they need text clues to help them rank the video correctly. Titles that are too fancy or complicated could result in the video not being indexed correctly. Image and audio quality Quality is also important. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on high-definition equipment, but you do need to make sure the sound is clear and crisp, and the USA Business picture is sharp and glitch-free. Poor quality will send your corporate online reputation down the drain. Contents Live content broadcast Next, give some thought to the content. Your main goals should be to build links and maximize viewing time . To do that, the recording will have to be remarkable in some way. Naturally, live streaming is better suited to certain types of content.

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