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In about half were millennials , nearly double the number in 2012. This number is not decreasing. Impact of the changing B2B e-commerce landscape Why do millennials matter? Because they have special expectations. B2B buyers of generation X (Generation X, Gen X – born between 1965-1980) needed phone calls and support. Millennials expect the same level of service, but without lengthy discussions. Most of them grew up in a period when technology (primarily the Internet) allowed them to explore products on their own, without outside help. This shift is the basis for the formation of modern demand.

Users With Some Value Right

Information previously provided by sales teams now reaches customers through marketing materials (mostly digital). As a result, the online experience is becoming a critical part of business. B2B shoppers expect a multifaceted, complete and efficient online Qatar Phone Number shopping experience. This means that the user experience (User Experience, UX) you provide must compete with the experience provided by B2C brands, namely: Site navigation and search should be clear; Product catalogs are available online; Content should allow customers to find the information they need. Perhaps the primary purpose of a B2B site was once to get site visitors to pick up the phone or fill out a form.

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Before They Try To Leave

Now the initial stage of the sale can take place entirely online. But many companies were not ready for the transformation of shopping habits, and their sites lost their relevance. For example, a large enterprise for the production and sale of pipes “Dontes” has an obsolete website that is not optimized for the mobile version: “Dontes” “Dontes” But a BJ Leads flawless mobile experience is very important, even if the purchases are made on the computer. According to a Google report , 42% of B2B customers use mobile devices when placing an order. Other studies show that 60% of respondents will look for another company if they see that the current supplier does not have a convenient mobile application.

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